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Arthur Scargill and George Galloway at memorial meeting

Brass band play the Miners Hymn at Hatfield pit head, as Arthur Scargill and George Galloway meet at memorial meeting

On Saturday 9 March former NUM leader Arthur Scargill addressed a packed meeting at the Stainforth Pit Club. Arthur was there with hundreds of other former mine workers from Hatfield main colliery to mark the 40th anniversary of the great strike. A Workers Party contingent led by George Galloway also participated alongside various other support groups including delegations from the RMT, Aslef and local trade unionists and campaigners.

Speaking at the memorial to assembled press George Galloway hailed Arthur Scargill as the foremost “hero of the British working class“. George himself was given a fantastic reception by the miners, and a eloquent message from David Douglass was read to the crowd at the pit head.

Arthur Scargill and George Galloway at memorial meeting

The Workers Party

The Workers Party has had a tremendous start to 2024. The by-election campaign in February, into which members threw themselves with devotion was a resounding success, with joining the campaign and the party in February.

When the result was announced on Friday 1 March Rishi Sunak launched a ludicrous assault on the party and Rochdale’s newly elected MP, making George Galloway overnight the de-facto leader of the Opposition. More than 600 new members joined the party that weekend and hundreds more continue to come over. The Workers Party has more than 450 applications from those seeking to run in the next General Election and others still intending to run in local authorities. Its never been a better time to join, get active, and start campaigning.

Arthur Scargill and George Galloway at memorial meeting

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