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George Galloway back in parliament

Reporters caught up with George as he arrived at parliament this morning.

2 thoughts on “George Galloway back in parliament

  1. Good on you George. Keep sticking to them. If ever the UK needed a straight talking say it as it is person then it’s this moment. How do we end 2 party politics though – it appears to be a closed and corrupt shop based on spin, lies and defensive twaddle. Anyhow, get 50 candidates on for the “gen elections” and at least put some fucks into these spineless all talk no action wannabe “leaders”. I’m old enough to remember this great country – we’ve sleep walked into something unrecognisable to what that was. Hearing Liz Truss openly talk about the deep state a few weeks ago tells a story – she would know if such a thing exists, and of course it does. We’re in a loop that’s being manipulated and perpetuated by these self interested organisations so how is it possible to stop that rot and offer not just the uk but the world a war free existence – the wars of old men. Nearly all the humans on earth simply want to live in peace and that’s about the size of it.

  2. Going to upset a few cronies in parliament, good luck moving forward George it’s great to see you back to grill those charlatans to their faces.

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