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Labour turmoil in Rochdale

by Nina Knowles

Rochdale was a comfortable Labour seat, with a majority of almost 10,000. There is no doubt that the Workers Party campaign has terrified Starmer. Although Labour’s name is muddied across the Rochdale community for many reasons, Rochdale has not had the chance to vote for a candidate who has been as unapologetic and consistent in his support for Palestine as George Galloway. Voters can now use their vote to punish the Labour Party for its backing of Israel.

Keir Starmer threw Labour into chaos following the party’s withdrawal of Rochdale candidate Azhar Ali. It was clear early on that the Workers Party campaign had traction.

Although it is too late to take his name off the ballot paper, Ali has been suspended from the party for comments he made relating to Israel.

Labour canvassers were told immediately to down tools, however Labour leaflets with Ali’s face on them were still being dropped through Rochdale residents’ doors for a time after.

Don’t believe the Press

Don’t believe the Press, this has been a great campaign.

The Press say its been divisive, in fact its been peaceful. The press say its only about Gaza, but we’ve campaigned hard on:

  • our campaign to return a maternity ward to Rochdale
  • our campaign to reopen the indoor market
  • our work to organise a consortium to save Rochdale FC
  • our plan to clean up the Town Hall

Next Steps

A huge thank you to all those members coming to Rochdale to help out.

Please come over to HQ from 10.00 am anytime, or call us on 0333 33 55 782.

Huge thanks to ALL of you who have contributed to our fundraiser. We are clearing the £19,000 mark but aiming for £22,000.

All donations, large or small, are vital to our campaign in the #RochdaleByElection please do give if you can if you’re in GB or NI.

With just days to go, every penny counts, as all our activists give it a final push on the ground:

3 thoughts on “Labour turmoil in Rochdale

  1. Think it’s great what George has done.Its what people need is genuine representation.I am from Halifax and we have a Labour MP who looks ineffective and who’s family is secretly racist I strongly suspect.The Town is in a right state ,very run down with no swimming pool ,threat of hospital closure,council facilities running on skeleton services due to impending bankruptcy.I think Halifax is very similar to Rochdale and has been run down for some time.I love to travel to London regularly and Leeds and Manchester and can see that there is a lot of money around but it seems to be the silent money grabbing elite that are taking advantage of the lack of genuine representation from genuine socialists.

  2. Well done GG, Rochdale now has a real representation in Parliament. I hope the WORKERS PARTY will have increased membership all over UK. I have been following your consistent politics for over 40 years. You have lifted my doldrums spirit. Assange WILL HAVE A FRIEND and a voice IN PARLiament. So, thank you for keeping Palestinian genocide ALIVE AND,in the spotlight.Palestinans have been suffering too much. much appreciate

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