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Rochdale Hustings

On 22 February the Workers Party GB attended the Rochdale hustings at the invitation of a community group at the Wardleworth Community Centre. Our media team broadcast the event LIVE (link above) and has a better quality recording which will go up shortly.

This event was not organised by the Workers Party, although some campaigners took to social media in an attempt to claim it was. Furthermore, some suggested that the Workers Party has kept Reform off the platform, this is false. The Workers Party were invited to participate on the platform alongside Labour, Tory and Lib Dem. On the night, only the Lib Dem candidate took his seat, alongside our candidate George Galloway. All the various independents were invited to speak from the floor, only one chose to speak.

A Message from Rochdale Community:
Salaam / Hi / Peace be upon you, 

Thank you for attending the Rochdale by-election Hustings last night. It was a pleasure to host you and see passionate discussions around all things local, national and international.

We hope you found the contributions from the candidates who attended to be useful and insightful.

As organisers of this hustings, we hope this event inspires and empowers other communities within the Borough to put on similar events around elections, and importantly, hold our elected local and parliamentary representatives accountable for their words and actions. 

Please find below a statement from the organisers to clarify a few points which emerged at the event, and subsequently on social media.

Thank you!

Hosts, via Eventbrite
  1. The event was organised by a group of local community volunteers and activists. It was not organised by any political party, charity or any other type of organisation.
  2. The hustings was not organised by the George Galloway campaign team. 
  3. The invited candidates were Azhar Ali, George Galloway, Iain Donaldson and Paul Ellison. Their names were published on the poster. No other candidates were listed. 
  4. The guidance relating to non-selective hustings on the Electoral Commission websites makes clear that all candidates do not necessarily have to be invited to a hustings.
  5. A number of candidates who were not invited as speakers, still registered to attend to sit in the audience. There is no record of Simon Danczuk’s registration for the event.
  6. Non-invited candidates were informed that they could make a brief a statement to the audience at the end of the hustings – as Independent candidate Rev. Mark Coleman did. 
  7. Despite not being invited as a speaker, and not registering for the event (as over 135 people did), Mr Danczuk was still offered a seat in the hall and assured of a speaking slot at the end. He decided not to take up the offer and left.
  8. The event was promoted for over 10 days. At no point in this period did the Danczuk campaign reach out to the organisers to protest not being invited, nor to request a seat either on stage or in the audience. Turning up at the event as it was about to start and demanding special treatment was a blatant publicity stunt.
  9. Apart from Mr Danczuk’s attempts to sabotage the hustings, no other issues emerged and a positive event ensued.
  10. The organisers are grateful to the candidates who attended and engaged productively with the issues and the audience

Wins for the Workers Party

The Workers Party campaign has heaped pressure on the main parties of imperialism and war. It has exposed the hypocrisy, and genocidal interests of Labour and Tory and exposed their callous disregard for the economic fortunes of the British working class who make up the overwhelming majority of Rochdale.

Despite the corporate media attacks, which many on the Left join in with, our campaign has highlighted the failings in the provision of NHS services to the local population, we have charted the economic downturn resultant upon the policy of de-industrialisation, we have worked hard with local investors to win pledges to reopen the town market and are working to save Rochdale Football Club which faces liquidation.

This campaign shows how socialists can use the democratic avenues that remain open to us as a platform to expose and attack the ruling class, their servants, and build a party. With more than 200 new members joining in recent weeks, our party is inspiring hundreds with the will to go on the offensive. And in doing so, we’ve placed untold pressure upon Starmer who has now so disgraced himself, and the hallowed parliamentary democracy.

Join us and continue the fight.

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