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Rochdale campaign on track for historic victory! 

Can we start to get excited? Yes. But its far from over and we need your help!

A huge thanks must go out to all those who have joined us during the week or at the weekend in Rochdale. Its been quite the campaign so far. Our members have been an inspiration, out in rain, shine (not so much) and even snow to deliver leaflets and knock on doors.

Chris our resident beekeeper is posting daily updates on his routes, encounters with the public and even his lunch – be sure to follow him on twitter Peter Higgins, Jon Maxted and Jesse Williams from the head office Organising Team are here helping to co-ordinate a fantastic and growing team of volunteers, and calling the hundreds of new members who have joined our party. Alexandros and Derek from the Greater Manchester branch will be inviting all those in that branch area to a Special Conference on the afternoon of March 17th, save the date. In the campaign office organising and preparing our work you will find Sian Bloor and James Giles, often working very late. So no matter when you arrive in Rochdale there will be friendly faces to greet you. Please do come up and help us try to get this victory over the line. We especially welcome volunteers on Polling Day – Thursday 29 February.

Our fundraiser has now gone beyond the £15,000 mark and that has been crucial support in our hour of need.  Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. You can still donate to our Crowdfunder

ALL VOLUNTEERS – please complete THIS FORM. Alternatively please email or call 0333 33 55 782. 

CAMPAIGN HQ: Office 1 Rochdale Suzuki building Crawford Street Rochdale OL16 5RS

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