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CCTV captures Rochdale vandal

CCTV has captured a vandal in Rochdale tearing down posters promoting the Workers Party candidate in the Rochdale by-election. Large posters of party leader George Galloway are on display across the town and dozens of businesses and families have requested they are put up on houses and shops across the constituency. It all seemed too much for one vandal who, in full view of the CCTV parked his car up and proceeded to rip a banner down.

The hapless vandal wore sunglasses as he crept up to the poster in the dark. He parked his car in full view of the CCTV, on double yellow lines and glanced in the direction of the cameras for good measure. Social media users have speculated on the identity of the man, who some suggested bore a resemblance to known campaigners in the Rochdale by-election.

One thought on “CCTV captures Rochdale vandal

  1. One wonders whether the Rochdale vandal had been contracted by somebody to recycle the banner (“if local facilities exist…”) but became confused and did so in the middle of the night, on zero hours… No!? Really, along with all other areas of what passes for modern tory/tory-lite “life” in UK, reduce reuse and recycling must get a root and brach footing under the Workers Party. We are totally sick of existing in the littered wasteland that is consume, toss and consume some more…

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