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Dates announced for education programme

Starting in mid-March, this five-part education course will be a great introduction to the subject. Our friends at the Socialist Correspondent magazine will guide you through the subjects with 30 minute talks and guided group discussion. Each session is expected to last no more than two hours. The price (£12.50 UK only) includes study materials and a years subscription to The Socialist Correspondent.

This course is suitable for members and supporters of all levels. Sessions will be conducted over Zoom and last approximately two hours (dates below). The tutors are all experienced activists in the labour movement.

13/3/24 Development of socialist thought
27/3/24 Labour theory of value and exploitation
10/4/24 Current capitalist economic system
24/4/24 Achieving socialism
8/5/24 What is socialism?

1) Development of socialist thought

An outline of how socialist thought developed and the emergence of Marxism. The fundamental theoretical underpinnings of Marxism.

2) Labour and exploitation

Introduction to the principles of Marxist economics

3) Current capitalist economic system

An overview of capitalism today: economics, US domination, drive to war

4) Achieving socialism

Class struggle, revolutionary change and the forces required to achieve this

5) What is socialism

Working class power and the political economy of socialism

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