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What we do at the weekend

Across the country, if you want to do something, get on and do it. If you want to meet local members, get in touch with party HQ and we’ll facilitate that. Where we have reliable members who are willing to take responsibility for others, we set up local groups and meetings. We’re a modest sized political party, around 3,000 on the books, with another 32 new members this month. We don’t have endless amounts of cash and we can’t do lot’s of things we’d like to be doing, but from little acorns mighty oaks will grow. Though we have members in every part of the country, not everyone is an activist. We’ll do what we can to support the work of the local groups, and those who want to get active, but getting organised starts with you and we don’t expect everyone to be hyper-activists.

The Workers Party is a relatively new political party, brought to life in 2019. The party is developing in a relatively harmonious way, each individual is allowed to be as active as they are able, we have no iron laws of how many newspapers a member has to sell and no medals for being a Stakhanovite!

This weekend our members participate in Palestine solidarity work in Manchester and London. In London more than 100 rallied outside Barclays on Tottenham Court Road to protest Barclays ongoing role in the genocide perpetrated in Palestine.

On the Tottenham Court Road

In Cheltenham, members supported the call of the TUC and Unite the Union to protest against the Minimum Service Levels Act, marching with 5,000 others through the town centre.

Other members joined academics and labour movement thinkers at an event with guest speaker Professor Bill Mitchell. Mitchell is an advocate of MMT, and many in the audience were there to find out more. Whilst all this was going on there were other members around the country carrying on with persistent local campaigning in preparation for future electoral battles.

Whether its street activism or theoretical and intellectual pursuits, the Workers Party will support useful and productive work across the country. If you’re in the north west, get along to this tomorrow. Call Alex on 07900937826 to meet up with WPB activists.

We're a modest sized political party, around 3,000 on the books, with another 32 new members this month.  Why not get involved.

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