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Birmingham Gaza protest, new Corbyn party & elections 2024

On Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 January the Workers Party national members council met in Birmingham. The party also supported the demonstration in the town organised in solidarity with the besieged people of Gaza. Marching from Sparkhill to Birmingham city centre our contingent was led by George Galloway and Chris Williamson.

Elections 2024

The Workers Party announced in December 2023 its intention to stand in the forthcoming General Election, and the party leadership confirmed the first three seats we will stand in as Hodge Hill, Hall Green and Ladywood. We are committed to avoiding unnecessary electoral clashes and have confirmed this decision to our friends in the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

The party also discussed the emergence of a new Corbyn-led “coalition of the like-minded”. The meeting noted the calls from the platform to “form a new political party” (not the reputed coalition of the “like-minded”) and the calls for Jeremy Corbyn to be its leader. The Workers Party NMC confirmed that our party has had no formal response to our unity proposals and no approach from any other person, group or movement related to the above, and whilst our offer of cooperation remains resolute our sole existing commitment remains to the TUSC with whom we shall honour our agreements and attend their upcoming Conference in Birmingham.

Gaza – blockade

The Workers Party activists were blocked by a coalition of Trotskyites and others from speaking on the platform on Saturday, with much of the sectarian dirty work being co-ordinated by London based activists. In a social media post George Galloway party leader pointed out the hypocritical excuses cooked up by organisers, to the detriment of the solidarity movement.

The full story was given on Moats.

George Galloway and Chris Williamson are two of the loudest voices for Palestine, but the only speaker brave enough to support their inclusion was the outstanding activist Lowkey, who supported the unity of the solidarity movement both online and from the stage.

At the Sunday session the NMC discussed moderations to our Draft Manifesto which has been out for consultation. The new version will include many of the proposals made by friends and supporters in recent weeks.

Some photos from Saturday’s Gaza Rally in Birmingham

Video from Saturday

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