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Workers Party to vote on a motion to seek affiliation to new Jeremy Corbyn  “coalition of the like-minded”


The leadership of the Workers Party is to vote on a motion to seek affiliation to any new Jeremy Corbyn  “coalition of the like-minded”.

The Workers Party is led by George Galloway, with former Labour MP Chris Williamson, Aslef Vice President Andy Hudd, and former Ambassador Peter Ford acting as Deputy Leaders.

The motion is to be tabled by George Galloway and presented to the party Members Council which meets in Birmingham on Saturday 20 January. The motion reaffirms the party commitment to avoiding unnecessary electoral clashes with other left groups, a proposal the Workers Party originally put to TUSC in 2022 and which remains in place.

The Workers Party has announced its own intention to stand in up to 50 seats in the forthcoming General Election, and George Galloway is the party candidate in the 2024 London Mayoral contest.


6 thoughts on “Workers Party to vote on a motion to seek affiliation to new Jeremy Corbyn  “coalition of the like-minded”

  1. Sinn Fein in Ireland would be in power now, such was the disaffection with the establishment parties, except that they failed to field enough candidates in enough constituencies. Don’t make the same mistake.

  2. Should Jeremy Corbyn create a New Socialist Party, it would be wise, in my opinion, to join hands with him and amalgamate as many Socialist Parties as possible. He already has a great deal of support in the UK and I am certain a number of MPs would migrate to his Party. I don’t believe Jeremy has the ability to be a ‘Leader’ as he doesn’t have the ‘grit’ to deal properly with some of the scum he meets in Parliament as he allows them to take advantage of him.

  3. At this time, any party that might take votes away from Labour, is a Tory enabler.

    The GE will be a lot closer than most imagine. Remember the 2017 Postal Vote fraud that was shown up by Kuensberg ? But still the Election Committee did nothing. Corbyn would’ve won, if it weren’t for those pesky Eton Schoolboys.

    2019. Boris went too far in ensuring a Tory win. At no point did the polls show such a huge victory. It was manufactured by Tory HQ.

    The latest Tory scam gone through on the quiet. If you were once a resident of the UK, and were registered to vote in a certain constituency, but have since gone kiddy fiddling in the Philippines, or run a Brexit Bar in Benidorm, you are now entitled to vote… even if you were a £10 Pom, off to live your life in Australia.

    The Tories are so desperate for votes, it wouldn’t surprise me to see coachloads of asylum seekers being given a voting slip, and told they’d be off to live with 6 Bob know for a year, if they didn’t vote Tory.

    I understand the last bit is a bit far fetched, but I really wouldn’t put it past some Bod at HQ thinking it.

    I’m a #Corbynista and resigned from the Labour Party due to the way he was treated. But even Jezza wouldn’t want anything to prevent a Tory Party destroyed.

    Please don’t stand at this GE, the country needs a change, and there’s only one alternative, unfortunately.

    Mark – Cornwall

    1. The idea that, somehow, the Labour Party can be captured for the working class and become socialist and anti-imperialist is thoroughly deluded by now. An alternative is required. No omelette was ever made without the breaking of eggs. All that happens in voting for Labour is that thousands of decent people take third best and accept that a softer version of neo-liberalism is the best we are ever going to get. The WPB rejects this combination of pessimism and utopianism and intends to offer a political choice that is designed to displace Labour completely. You can have ‘real’ Tories or ‘red’ Tories (or ‘orange’, ‘green’ and (in Scotland) ‘yellow’ Tories but none of these have the answer to our deep-seated problems as a nation or the problems of the working population. The WPB has made every effort to be co-operative with other socialist challengers and is likely to continue to do so but not to the extent of assisting Labour MPs to remain available to uphold a Starmer right wing Government under the Party whip. Sincerely socialist Labour MPs should read the writing on the wall, study the 10-point programme, Rule Book and Manifesto of the WPB and consider joining the Party or standing as independent Socialists if they must.

  4. It’s good if Corbyn has finally got off his backside…. Though he’s probably justifiably just been spending a lot of time on his allotment… Chillin out.
    Of course we should work alongside them and ensure we don’t step on each others toes at the polls.

  5. Attacked by FAR RIGHT ISRAEL, Mr J Corbyn also is defending himself from Nigel Farage RIGHT WING deformation, the same type of deformation like anti-Semitism used as a weapon against him . JC

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