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George Galloway and Chris Williamson to lead Workers Party contingent as Jeremy Corbyn addresses pro-Palestine demonstrators in Birmingham


George Galloway and Chris Williamson will lead a Workers Party contingent in Birmingham and announce three seats the party will fight.

On Saturday 20 January George Galloway and Chris Williamson will lead the Workers Party contingent on a pro-Palestine rally in Birmingham organised by Stop the War Coalition and Palestine Solidarity Campaign, with Jeremy Corbyn speaking.

The Workers Party is led by George Galloway, with former Labour MP Chris Williamson, Aslef Vice President Andy Hudd, and former Ambassador Peter Ford acting as Deputy Leaders.

George and Chris are expected to meet with local supporters after the Birmingham branch announced its intention to contest Hodge Hill, Hall Green and Ladywood, with the party actively considering candidates in Perry Barr and elsewhere pending negotiations with other Left groups and activists.

The Workers Party announced in December 2023 its intention to stand in up to 50 seats in the forthcoming General Election, and George Galloway is the party candidate in the 2024 London Mayoral contest.


5 thoughts on “George Galloway and Chris Williamson to lead Workers Party contingent as Jeremy Corbyn addresses pro-Palestine demonstrators in Birmingham

  1. I believe united, or uniting, is the best way forward. So I like this idea. Like George said at conference, All parties start small and can grow quickly. I remember the libs, or was it lib/dems being down to a handful of seats. Then they formed a coalition govt with the tories. So anything that can bolster our chances of grabbing a few seats is worth pursuing. with the state of British politics, anything is possible. Contesting 50 seats is ambitious, but necessary. and with the wind in our favour, we may bag more than we can hope for. Mike Volante

  2. I am all for affiliation to a coalition of the like minded. We need to join with other socialist parties to create a powerful enough opposition to oust the establishment status quo.

  3. From Shireen Coulson
    Met GG 2003 in London (still got his autograph as proof!)

    I did repost Saturdays March in Birmingham Muslims noticeboard as I noticed that like me many are disillusioned with Labour since Palestine genocide began if not before!
    I could not attend yesterday due to health conditions and being homeless in Birmingham since Feb 2023 (having fled Stratford on Avon after 15 years as the local Tory Council has been criminalising me while I was the one being assaulted ,threatened and intimidated since March 2020 in homeless accomodation.
    BCC is currently paying £ 1200 a month for a box room with men(in a shared house) cemetery evil as I am female and have medical conditions and should not be sharing
    I reckon they checked my FB page out
    So after 23 years of supporting (not paid up but via subscribing to online newletters & attending events & protests ) STWC & JC have been criminal (exception Lowkey) in their treatment of GG & CW and they are all fake about their views on human rights as I approached many of them (via email) when I realised how corrupt the local authorities are & will not help me even though I was a social housing tenant with my late husband for 14 years!
    Anyhow all the best and I will be contributing to your campaign.

    With Best Regards
    Shireen Coulson

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