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Letter: West never looking after its own

Letter from Arthur

President Biden recently made a speech to 20.3 million people. This was a national statement with specific focus on Israel-Palestine.

The consensus from news sources (Reuters, NYT, etc.) has been relayed that Biden has requested upwards of 100 billion dollars in “emergency funding” for Israel and Ukraine, to Congress, half of which will go to replenishing the stocks of the U.S. military.

The UK and the EU are also sending military aid to Israel.

Instead of focusing on their people, and representing their interests at home, the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union prefer to bend the knee to the capitalist elite’s interests, indulging economically in international conflicts over their own state apparatuses, blinded by their interventionist dogma, showcasing a clear neglect for the wellbeing and betterment of civil society amid a great economic crisis. Where is the rationale, the morale, of the Western liberal-democratic establishments here? The answer is simple to any rational, moral individual: there is none.

Biden expects to give Israel an exponential amount of military funding more than it has ever received from the United States. We all know this is not a friendly humanitarian effort, the contrary is more concrete: without Israel, the West no longer has a sphere of influence in the Middle East.

The clear bad-faith actor within this conflict is, and has always been, Israel. Israel is acting upon everything the West is accusing Russia of doing and then-some. Yet the West deems it acceptable to promote and support such a state. Israel is overtly running a colony – all the characteristics of apartheid and colonial rule, minority ruling over a majority; the antithesis of democracy, everything the West espouses to uphold.

So, why is it one rule for one, and another rule for another? As an Arab official states in the Financial Times article: “If you describe cutting off water, food and electricity in Ukraine as a war crime, then you should say the same thing about Gaza.” Naturally, the BRICS and many nations of the global south – as their diplomats and officials have expressed – are frustrated by this gross hypocrisy.

The West can never consistently abide by their own narrative that they are the foremost leader of freedom and peace worldwide.

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