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Dr Bob Gill joins the Workers Party

A warm welcome to Dr Bob Gill, campaigning NHS journalist and film maker who has joined the Workers Party GB. Dr Bob is a longstanding friend of the party but our closer working will be a huge step forward in our work.

Dr Gill is responsible for the excellent documentary The Great NHS Heist which you can now watch for free on YouTube. Before you watch that, check out this interview with Bob on his reasons for joining the Workers Party.

The Great NHS Heist

The Great NHS Heist documentary sets out how the nation and the #NHS has been betrayed by our politicians and a complicit media, in assisting a US corporate capture of healthcare in England.

UK government is determined to complete the Americanisation of the NHS. In 2021 despite the catastrophic impact of the Covid-19, made significantly worse by preceding #privatisation and the outsourcing of the pandemic response, the plan to convert the NHS into the American Kaiser Permanente ‘managed care’ model is accelerating.

This film produced in 2019 and now re-edited is more relevant now than ever.

Interviewees include David Graeber, Ken Loach, Yanis Varoufakis, Lucy Reynolds, David Whyte, Prof Danny Dorling, Prof Martin McKee, Prof Prem Sikka, Stan Brock and Dr Bob Gill.

The new edit includes the impact of the pandemic and the dangerous legal changes being rushed through under cover of the crisis. Full length original documentary available here:

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