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Successful Congress of the Workers Party

Saturday and Sunday the Workers Party met in Congress for the first time since 2019 and elected a new leadership.

George Galloway the former Labour and Respect MP has been re-elected Leader of the party. He is joined by three Deputy Leaders elected by the party, they are Andy Hudd, a train driver and the Vice President of Aslef, Chris Williamson, former leader of Derby Council and ex-Labour MP for Derby North, and Peter Ford the former British diplomat who was Ambassador to Syria and Bahrain.

Joining them is a newly elected national members council of twenty persons. Those successfully elected were:

National Members Council

Rob Amos
Phil Bevin
Sian Bloor
Nikola Bryce
John Clayden
Katt Cremer
Nina Knowles
Gayatri Galloway
Karol Glebocki

Peter Higgins
Jon Maxted
Chris Murphy
Tim Pendry
Edward Renyard
Alan Russell
Alex Schulman
Helen Sutcliffe
Lauren Wilson
Jess Williams
Jurgen Wolf

The party passed the following resolutions, all of which can be read on our Congress discussion page:

Rule Book

Submitted by Paul Cannon on behalf of the outgoing National Members Council

Developing an Industrial Strategy

Submitted by Paul Cannon


Submitted by Peter Ford

Establish an educational committee

Submitted by Jon Maxted, Jesse Winney and Alexandros Schulman

Motion on Palestine

Submitted by George Galloway and Paul Cannon

The Trade Unions

Submitted by Ed Renyard and Lauren Wilson

Make the most of Moats

Submitted by Dino Philippos

Motion to formally back fan owned sports clubs

Submitted by Alexandros Schulman

Proposal for increased youth engagement with the Party

Submitted by Arthur Wacker & Sara Hussein

Motion on promoting Tenant Managed Housing Co-ops

Submitted by Pete Gregson


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