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Letter to the Morning Star

Image: Screenshot from Morning Star article by Andrew Murray. The following letter was published in the Morning Star 7 August 2023. We are grateful for the remarks.

The original article to which the letter is a response was written by Andrew Murray. Andrew is a member of the Communist Party of Britain, formerly a member of the Labour party, and before that a member of the Communist Party of Britain. The main thrust of the piece is to suggest that there is little choice other than to flit between the Communist Party of Britain and the Labour party, depending on how the wind blows.

A section is given over to an effort to belittle the Workers Party but it has very little of substance to draw on and settles for making a couple of cheap and inaccurate remarks, drawing this response from one reader:

“THE informative article by Andrew Murray (The old ‘new parties’ of the left, July 26) rightly draws attention to alternatives to the Labour Party being “infested by ultra-left factions.”

One alternative that won’t run that risk is the Workers Party which states in its programme: “The Workers Party stands with all those countries that have attempted to break free of imperialist domination and build a different kind of world. “We defend the achievements of the USSR, China, Cuba etc, not least the debt owed by humanity to the Soviet Union and Red Army in their war of liberation against German fascism.”
That should keep away most factions, and no whiff of the Daily Express there either.

London N4 “

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