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Clash of single-issue campaigners goes off peacefully

A rally in Birmingham organised by women’s right’s activist Posie Parker attracted a counter protest made up of ‘Trans Rights’ lobbyists and the SWP, Socialist Party, and various other ‘left’ organisations this weekend.

Despite the rumours of argy-bargy the demonstration and counter-protest this weekend in Birmingham went off relatively peacefully.

The transgender question is not limited to the question of women’s rights, although women’s rights as well as children’s are the most fundamental and immediately impacted by this ideology.

Transgenderism is now influencing many spheres of social life, most notably questions of free speech and rights to assembly due to the intellectual cowardice and intolerance of some of its main advocates. An incapability of honest open polemics before the British public is not conducive to a healthy and democratic debate. So not only does transgenderism at its extremes advocate the mutilation of children and the imposition of men in women’s spaces but also the wholesale undermining of already limited freedoms in the political sphere.
In an epoch of rising poverty, public unrest, war and a host of other issues the political, economic, academic as other institutions have grasped on to a ‘progressive’ cause. This is to undermine common cause amongst the vast majority of the population with the distraction and excesses of intersectionality epitomised most bluntly by transgenderism.
Left or right, man or woman and black or white the curtailing of rights of women, children and freedom of speech are the enemy of all freedom loving people. The Workers Party of Britain stands shoulder to shoulder with all those who take the bold and even unpopular stand against the onslaught of state and institutionally sponsored assaults upon our ever dwindling liberties.