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Ellesmere Port & Chester branch: Statement on council tax rise

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Despite rising unemployment, 53% of councils in England have proposed raising council tax bills by the maximum amount of 5%, attempting to balance their budgets on the back of the working class.

The Tories campaigned on a promise to solve England’s social care crisis when Boris Johnson took leadership in October 2019, but so far no concrete plans have come to light, leaving local authorities to hike up taxes in order to fund elderly care, whilst implementing further austerity measures and cutting vital social services so as to ‘balance their budgets’.

In Wales, the situation is worse because there is no upper limit for council tax raises. Wrexham, for instance, has proposed a 7% rise, increasing Band D by £85.

John O’Connell, chief executive of the Tax Payers Alliance, said: “The sustained tax burden is now the highest it’s been since the country was recovering from the second world war.”

The Workers Party deplores this cash grab from the already struggling working class. The lowest-paid will suffer again whilst the rich get tax benefits.

This corrupt system has to change, and it has to change now.