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Say no to Aston Martin job cuts!

The Workers Party of Britain condemns the plan by luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin to make over 200 workers redundant at its St Athans plant.

Aston Martin’s decision to base its new SUV and electric car production in the Vale of Glamorgan was helped along  by the lure of £18.8 million in Welsh government subsidies.

Yet despite this generous support from the public purse, Aston Martin now wants to waste 95 jobs whilst its arm’s length workforce provider Millbank plans to make another 100 plus redundant, between them shedding over 200 jobs at the site.

The odd relationship between Aston Martin and its poor relation Millbank has been challenged by Unite, condemning what amounts to the deliberate creation of a two-tier workforce.

In a transparent ploy to divide the workers and drive down wages overall, Millbank workers are being paid £8,321 less a year than Aston Martin workers at the same plant.

Aston Martin was happy enough to scoop up nearly £20 million in public subsidy to set up shop in St Athans, but now is busy cutting jobs and engaging in shady business practices so that it can further boost its profits.

Workers are being stung twice by the same scorpion: paying taxes to boost private profits and then paying again in eroded wages and weakened job security.   

These brazen attacks on the working class must be resisted. The Workers Party of Britain stands ready to support whatever the Aston Martin workers do to make a stand against this class aggression.