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Justice for Dundee’s cleaners, carers and kitchen staff!

Dundee equal pay

The Workers Party of Britain deplores the second-class treatment accorded to Dundee’s care workers, cleaners and catering staff, and welcomes the move by the GMB union to issue a collective grievance against the city council.

For years, Dundee city council has been underpaying its care workers , cleaners and catering staff. These jobs, which are mostly done by women, have long been paid much worse than brickies, joiners and roofers, which are mostly male occupations.

The council has used this circumstance to sow division among workers along gender lines, systematically paying the likes of care workers and cleaners less than their male counterparts in the building trade. 

The poverty wages received by these predominantly female workers mean that many of them are driven to work two or three other jobs to make ends meet. In addition, they are very often the main providers and carers back at home, too. The pandemic has brought matters to a head over the past year.

Yet, in recompense for putting up with this unfair treatment, the women’s work is seen as of low status and is disrespected by management. Now Dundee’s women workers are calling time on this unequal treatment, taking out a collective grievance against the council.

Dundee’s women workers have a strong history of industrial militancy, fighting tooth and nail in 1993 in a last-ditch attempt to resist lay-offs at the Timex factory, and this is still remembered with both bitterness and pride.

The Workers Party of Britain salutes the women workers of Dundee and stands ready to support them in their struggle in whatever way we can.