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Fire and Rehire: Go North West

Fire and rehire Go North West buses

The Workers Party of Britain strongly condemns the practice of fire and rehire, which has raised its ugly head again, this time in Manchester.

Go North West bus company has plans to fire its bus drivers and rehire them at inferior wages and terms and conditions of employment.

A huge 82% of union members there have voted for strike action on a 77% turnout. Such a response by workers is to be applauded. These brave Unite members have been bullied and intimidated throughout negotiations.

The Workers Party deplores the tactics pursued by management and gives its wholehearted support and solidarity to the Manchester bus drivers.

As a party we will always support the workers against the oppressive and bullying tactics that are increasingly being employed by vicious managers around the country, as they try to take advantage of the crisis to maximise profits for their bosses.

Solidarity with the bus drivers of Manchester in their dispute with Go North West. Stand together and fight to end fire and rehire for good!