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Ikea breaks its promise to pay the living wage despite sales boom

The Workers Party of Britain condemns the decision by flat-pack retail giant Ikea to renege on its commitment to pay its workers the living wage.

Last January, Ikea committed itself to join with over 6,000 other British employers in agreeing to pay the living wage, based on the cost of living.

Since then, Ikea staff, designated as key workers, have kept the business running throughout the pandemic. Online sales have been booming over this time, and Ikea has no excuse for breaking its promise.

Yet the GMB union reports that around 300 workers at Ikea’s distribution centre in Fletton Parkway, Peterborough, who were looking forward to a guaranteed pay rise in January, now face a disappointing new year.

So far from honouring its living wage commitment, Ikea is now talking about a pay freeze for 2021.

Ikea’s bad faith over its living wage promise is just the latest proof of the shabby treatment it dishes out to its workers. During the pandemic it has penalised workers in Glasgow who took time off to self-isolate and victimised the local Usdaw rep for leading resistance to this penny-pinching and unsafe measure.

The Workers Party of Britain denounces Ikea as a rogue employer and stands ready to support any form of resistance workers choose to adopt.