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Manchester bus drivers stand firm

The Workers Party of Britain denounces the attempt by bosses at the Go North West bus company in Manchester to take advantage of the pandemic to impose inferior pay and conditions on about 500 drivers, potentially reducing their wages by some £2,000 a year.

With 80 percent of drivers away from work on furlough, including all but one union rep, Go North West obviously thought it was a splendid time to bump the workforce into accepting the new regime.

The company thought to weaken resistance by dangling a carrot: a paltry one-off payment of £5,000. And it tried to use a big stick too: suspending the one rep not on furlough for carrying out his union duties.

But neither carrot nor stick has so far persuaded the drivers to give up on defending their pay and conditions. Instead they are demanding the immediate reinstatement of their rep and holding a consultative ballot on industrial action.

The Workers Party of Britain salutes their determination and stands ready to support them in their further struggle.