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Clapping doesn't pay our bills - pay up now

The Workers Party of Britain is proudly supporting Unison’s Pay Up Now campaign as thousands of workers take to the streets across Scotland. Unison is calling on the Scottish government to reopen the NHS’s three-year pay deal, and to discuss a pay rise for all NHS staff.

Download and print our leaflet to take along to a demonstration or hospital.

“NHS staff have had real-term pay cuts over the last decade, with significant extra costs over this pandemic – including extra childcare costs because they are working extra shifts, extra transport costs because of restricted public transport, extra costs because they have been isolating from family, or even extra laundry costs and buying personal PPE.”

NHS privatisation

The disastrous policy of opening up the NHS to capitalism has led to shortages of the most important items and services, and to huge profiteering from the public purse by private companies.

As workloads have increased, outsourcing and pay restraint have made life intolerable for nurses and NHS workers.

Cancel student nurse debt

The Workers Party calls on the government to cancel the student debt of nurses.

These students have played a heroic role in recent months, and should never have had to pay to learn skills that are used to benefit our entire society.

Support our NHS Workers against paycuts and privatisation cartoon
Click image above to download leaflet. Flip on short side and print on both sides for two A5 leaflets.