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Workers Party out in force for #NHSPay15 campaign

The Workers Party of Britain joined thousands of people across the country on Saturday as we gave our support to NHS workers and their campaign for a pay rise – #NHSPay15.

Even though our party is new, our branches were able to distribute 5,000 leaflets explaining who we are in all parts of the country. In Scotland, we were at rallies in Glasgow and Edinburgh; we were at Newcastle in the north-east; Liverpool and Manchester in the north-west; Leeds, Doncaster and Sheffield in Yorkshire.

We were in Birmingham and Coventry in the Midlands; Cardiff in Wales; Bristol and Plymouth in the south-west; Ipswich and Cambridge in the east; Medway, Brighton and London in the south-east. A fantastic achievement.

The disastrous policy of opening up the NHS to private capital has led to shortages of the most important items and services, and to huge profiteering by private companies. As staff workloads have increased, outsourcing and pay restraint have made life intolerable for nurses and NHS support workers.

Those interested in finding out more can read our party statement here

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