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After the Applause … it’s time to pay up – report from Glasgow

On Friday 7 August at 2.00pm, key workers from the GMB union in Glasgow took part in an After the Applause demonstration, and the Workers Party of Britain were there in support.

They met on Buchanan Street, where speeches were made calling for a £2 an hour increase in pay for all key workers. The workers know the money is there, and the government knows the money is there, so it’s time to pay up.

The government needs to put its money where its mouth is – clapping is no longer enough. Speakers explained that, while ‘People Make Glasgow’, it is the key workers who keep Glasgow moving.

The demonstration then proceeded under police escort to George Square, where socially-distanced participants stood outside Glasgow City Chambers and chanted for pay rises now.

The demonstrators made it clear that this demonstration was only the beginning, and that they were prepared for a protracted fight. The Workers Party of Britain will be there alongside them.