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Support our key workers

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The Workers Party of Britain supports GMB Scotland’s campaign calling for a £2 an hour increase in the basic rate of pay for ALL key workers.

Download our leaflet and distribute to key workers to show your support.

These workers are the ones that keep the country moving. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has made that abundantly clear to all.

It is refuse and cleansing workers, care workers, bus drivers, supermarket workers, factory workers, construction workers, cleaners and many more who have had to keep going to work throughout this pandemic. They have been the ones that have kept the whole show running, and without whose labours the country would have ground to a halt.

It is they who have taken the risks, often without the necessary PPE, to keep society moving. The bankers, CEOs and hedge-fund managers, on the other hand, have been exposed as being far from essential, doing nothing more than draining the pot that is being filled by the workers.

After the applause, pay up for our key workers

Clapping for key workers is not enough. These workers have put their lives on the line and deserve more than just a round of applause from their employers.

After decades of cuts and pay freezes many of these workers are earning less than £10 per hour. The Workers Party wholeheartedly supports the demand for decent pay for key workers.

Sign GMB Scotland’s petition online at:

Click image above to download leaflet. Print on A4 and cut in half for two A5 leaflets.