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Workers Party of Britain statement on #NHSPay15

NHS privatisation cartoon by Rob Amos

The Workers Party of Britain is proudly supporting NHS workers across the country. They are organising protests all over Britain on Saturday 8 August demanding a 15 percent pay increase, to be paid from 1 December 2020, in order to start recovering a decade of lost wages.

Download our leaflet and take copies to your nearest march to show your support.

Event organisers say: “We are calling on NHS staff and supporters to join us to send a clear message to the government. We do not accept your plans to exclude us from the public sector pay increase, and we will make ourselves heard until you listen.”

See KONP website for full list of events.

Pay rise for all

The Workers Party is also campaigning to increase the personal allowance tax threshold for all workers. Such a move will benefit the working class the most.

NHS privatisation

The disastrous policy of opening up the NHS to private capital has led to shortages of the most important items and services, and to huge profiteering by private companies. As workloads have increased, outsourcing and pay restraint have made life intolerable for nurses and NHS support staff.

Cancel student nurse debt

The Workers Party supports the call to cancel the nurses’ student debt. These students have played a heroic role in recent months, and should never have had to pay to learn the skills that benefit the whole of society. We demand a society that looks after its workers, and values those who keep Britain ticking.

Download our leaflet and take copies to your nearest march to show your support.

“I’m glad I joined the WPB, it has given me inspiration, supportive comrades, a new perspective and education, and the confidence to speak out.” – NHS nurse Georgina

Click image above to download leaflet. Print on A4 and cut in half for two A5 leaflets.