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Support the Nissan workers!

The Workers Party of Britain denounces Nissan’s plan to lay off 248 workers from its Sunderland plant and supports the struggle of the remaining workforce to defend their rights to a decent pension and a dignified retirement (see below for leaflet).

Download our leaflet and take along to show your support at the factory gates.

Nissan is using the smokescreen of the covid lockdown to lay off workers, intensify the work of remaining staff and rob workers of their final-salary pension rights. But workers know full well that Nissan’s problems predate covid by a long way. They are rooted in the overproduction crisis of capitalism – a crisis which is not of workers’ making and for which they must refuse to carry the can.

Nissan also tries to blame Brexit for its current woes. But how does this explain the fact that Nissan’s Barcelona operation also faces the chop? Spain’s membership of the EU has been no more beneficial to its workers than has Greece’s!

Unite has raised the question of a strike if management refuses to budge on the pensions rip-off. The Workers Party of Britain stands firmly in support of whatever resistance workers decide to offer.  

Click image above to download leaflet. Print on A4 and cut in half for two A5 leaflets.