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Pay the Bexley bin men!

Bexley bin strike cartoon

The Workers Party of Britain denounces the failure of outsourcing giant Serco to deliver on its promise to pay Bexley’s binmen sick pay for covid-related absences.

Download and print our leaflet to take in support of strikers on the picket line.

This pledge by the privateers was made in response to a decision by the workers in March to suspend ongoing industrial action in the light of the pandemic. The pledge was promptly broken in April.

Serco’s bad faith over sick pay is in line with a culture of management bullying and low pay that the binmen are up against at Crayford depot.

Serco is offering to pay £10.15 an hour, less than even the London living wage. The workers are demanding at least £13 an hour, in line with their comrades in Greenwich, and are now ready to back up this demand, with strikes planned for 30 and 31 July and 3, 4 and 6 August, running from 5.00-9.00am each time. 

Serco can well afford to cough up £13 an hour, given the fact that it has just won a £45.8m contract to manage the government’s covid test-and-trace programme.

The Workers Party of Britain gives its full support to the Bexley binmen in their just fight for a decent wage.

Click image above to download leaflet. Print on A4 and cut in half for two A5 leaflets.