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Manchester supports Adam Lord

Worker Adam Lord was sacked by JD Sports after he leaked photographs to the Manchester Evening News that clearly showed that the company had failed to ensure social distancing was in place during the lockdown.

The photographs from inside the Rochdale warehouse show workers dangerously close to one another.

In March, the Manchester Evening News received dozens of emails from workers who said it was “impossible” to maintain two-metre social distancing rules inside the warehouse. Despite this, it has been Mr Lord who has been targeted by JD Sports, in a clear attempt to bully workers into submission.

Tony Clare, from shopworkers’ union Usdaw, has been representing Mr Lord through the dismissal and appeal process.

He was reported by the Manchester Evening News as saying: “The main reason Adam was dismissed was because JD felt he had not acted out of concern for his health and safety but that he acted in malice.

“That to me is an absolutely perverse conclusion to draw. I think every member of the public was concerned for their safety at that time.

“Anyone put in a position where social distancing was so clearly not being carried out has a right to feel concerned.” The Workers Party of Britain associates itself fully with the sensible comments of Tony Clare and commends Usdaw for defending Mr Lord.