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No annexation; Free Palestine!

Palestine resitance cartoon by Rob Amos

The Workers Party of Britain stands with the Palestinian people who are resisting the imposition of Donald Trump’s ‘deal of the century’, a deal cooked up by the Israelis and foisted upon the Palestinians. 

Download and print our leaflet to take along to your local event.

Under the terms of this ‘deal’, Israel is to be given a free hand in annexing all the Palestinian territory on the West Bank that has been illegally grabbed by armed settlers in the last 50 years; the jewish state is to be granted full sovereignty over the whole of Jerusalem, which is to be accorded the status of Israel’s capital; the right to return for the Palestinian diaspora, recognised by the UN, is to be ditched; and those Palestinians exiled to neighbouring Arab states are to be stripped of their refugee status, and hence will no longer qualify for support from the UN Relief and Works Agency (Unwra).

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign writes: “The Israeli government has made its intentions clear. Starting in July they plan to unilaterally annex large swathes of the illegally occupied West Bank, declaring the territory an integral part of Israel proper. Annexation, illegal under international law, is the forcible and unilateral acquisition of territory over which it has no recognised sovereignty and to make it an integral part of the state – in this case, Israel.”

Of all the unintended consequences the ‘deal of the century’ brings in its train, the most uncomfortable for imperialism will have been the sight of Fatah, Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine marching shoulder to shoulder through Gaza, on the very day that the deal was announced.

The Workers Party joins PSC in calling for the British government to implement sanctions immediately until the annexation is halted and Israel dismantles its apartheid state structures.

Download and print our leaflet to take along to your local event.

Solidarity events this weekend

Local Palestine solidarity groups will be organising events on Saturday 4 July to show support for the Palestinian people and opposition to Israeli ethnic cleansing and apartheid (see PSC website for contact info, sign graphics and more details of events). Please wear a face mask and observe social distancing. Bring signs with the slogans Stop Annexation, Sanctions Now and End Apartheid.

  • Brighton, 12.00pm: Clocktower
  • Bristol, 2.00pm: Water fountains
  • Chichester, 1.00pm: Market Cross
  • East London, 12.00pm: Altab Ali Park and Council offices on East Ham High St
  • East London, 2.00pm: Mile End Park
  • Exeter, 12.30pm: Bedford Square
  • Hackney, 1.00pm: Narrow Way, E8 1JB
  • Lambeth & Wandsworth, 4.00pm: Herne Hill precinct and Brockwell Park entrance
  • Northampton, 2.00pm: Abington Park bandstand
  • Norwich, 1.00pm: Tesco Metro
  • Nottingham, 12.00pm: Market Square
  • Orkney, 11.00am: Kirkwall St Magnus cathedral
  • Plymouth, 11.00am: Sundial
  • Reading, 1.00pm: Town Hall
  • Sheffield, 12.00pm: Town Hall
  • Southampton, 11.00am: West Quay Above Bar
  • York, 11.00am: Parliament Street
Click image above to download leaflet. Flip on short side and print on both sides for two A5 leaflets.