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Workers Party of Britain stands with Rolls Royce workers

The Workers Party of Britain is utterly opposed to the scheming of Rolls Royce, which, having secured government cash to put over 4,000 of its British employees on furlough, now plans to dump 3,375 of its workforce in east Derbyshire and Renfrewshire.

No company, for the sake of the national economy, can be allowed to deal a such a sickening blow to what little remains of the manufacturing life of Derby, and in Britain.

The highly-skilled workers at Rolls Royce, their precision machinery, technical capabilities and production facilities are invaluable assets in our country, which has already lost so much of its manufacturing capability.

If Rolls Royce cannot protect the jobs of its workers, the facility and its employees should be repurposed to produce items that the country desperately needs, perhaps starting with ventilators and other essential hospital equipment.