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Workers Party of Britain condemns British Airways management

Slide projected onto the Houses of Parliament reads: British Airways, stop betraying Britain

Plans to fire all 42,000 workers and rehire 30,000 of them under new contracts with huge pay cuts have led to a report by the House of Commons Transport Select Committee branding British Airways a “national disgrace”.

The committee pointed out that BA is trying to take advantage of the pandemic to get rid of more expensive legacy contracts such as Worldwide and Eurofleet cabin crew and introduce new contracts with lower pay and reduced benefits.

This is backed up by a leaked email that shows British Airways has offered voluntary redundancy to Worldwide and Eurofleet crews but was not offering it to the Mixed Fleet staff who are already paid less.

The Workers Party of Britain stands firmly behind BA staff. Organised resistance by Unite the Union will be supported by the Workers Party. Workers must force the company to reconsider its shameful position.

Should it refuse, no further public money should find its way to British Airways, which must instead be taken entirely into public ownership, with workers who are deemed excess retrained and redeployed to other useful work, while the national airline is run to meet the national need, not to rinse profits out of workers and passengers alike.

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